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Leo is an F1 Bengal. He came from Florida from a lovely family who adored him but were not able to continue housing him as he was peeing in their house. They had saved him from a local shelter, so who knows what his past history had been. They chose ACS after researching various Sanctuaries. Leo is an absolute lover boy with Michelle, but extremely shy and aloof with everyone else. He loves catnip bananas and Michelle's armpits! Leo shares his Condo with Catalina, below.

Leo passed away late December 2014 of Lymphoma
. It was gutwrenching to see him get ill and to have to say goodbye, but knowing that he is watching over us and is feeling happy now is a blessing.



Catalina is a lovely F1. She has a sad story but is making progress all the time. She was in an unhappy relationship with her owner in MS and escaped, was hit by a car (fracturing her pelvis and damaging her spinal cord) and wandered around with no medical attention or care. She returned to the un-wanting owner and was then discovered advertised on Craigslist as "free F1 Bengal or will be put to sleep" by a Bengal supporter and was taken in by The Bengal Rescue Network. They helped to provide her the veterinary care, attention and financial support she needed to get back on her paws. Unfortunately for beautiful Catalina her injuries left her with poor ability to ambulate with her hind end and the need to have her bladder expressed every 1-2 days.

Here she is below when she was first treated and fostered by Dr Lisa Keehner. She had a strong will to live but was not a happy camper. Gloves and a towel were needed to express her bladder when she arrived at ACS and came with a lot of growling and hissing. Michelle used clicker training with her at dinner time using raw chicken pieces to get her to come around. Today we hear her meowing happily (and very hungrily), see her climbing in her pen and walking  slowly when she's not nervous. Her bladder can be expressed with no protective gloves and sometimes without a towel. She is always trying to figure out how to steal Leo's food and she is quick as lightening! What a difference in her appearance, isn't it?

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"Breezy" & "Cello"




                                                       Hajji as a Kitten - how precious!


"Monkey" & "Sebastian"


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