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Chausie Cats & Jungle Cats

Chausie Cats are a hybrid from a Jungle Cat and a Domestic Cat - usually an Abysinnian.

The Chausie's body is large, with heavy boning, full broad chest and strong musculature, with
moderately long legs. Colors include black, black smoke to shade of silver, black with silver ticking,
ticked golden to reddish fawn with darker markings on ears, legs and tail. Otherwise the body is
virtually free of markings.

The Chausie is not recognized by the CFA, but is accepted by the TICA for registry, and have advanced to Evaluation status with that organization. Like the Bengal, the Chausie is a selectively bred cat using "wild" stock. While the Bengal comes
from the Asian Leopard Cat (Felis bengalensis), the Chausie is the result of breeding a domestic cat with a Jungle Cat (Felis chaus). The first generation breeding (F1) is 50% each of domestic and "wild blood." Of particular interest is the fact that all F1 male Chausies are sterile, as well as most males from the second generation (F2).

A first generation Chausie (F1) and a Jungle Cat hybrid are biologically the same. They are cats that are 50 percent Jungle Cat and 50 percent domestic cat. All the males are infertile.The difference is only in the paperwork and the goals of the breeder.A first generation Chausie is registered as a Chausie by a respected international registry, TICA. Therefore, it is a documented cat with known parents.
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Kemisi & Khonsu
F1 Chausie's

Puss Puss
 Jungle Cat Hybrid



    Jungle Cat Hybrid

Jungle Cat x Bengal


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