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More Cat Stuff

Feline Wish List

With your help, their wishes will come true in the blink of an eye!
~Donations and gift certificates are welcomed~


Cat Food:

 * Tractor Supply 4H indoor cat
*Canned cat food * Diamond adult food *  Nature's variety chicken and rabbit raw
 * Raw chicken gizzards and chicken legs & thighs (grocery store)
* Pine pellet litter 40lbs bag (Tractor Supply)

Cat Litter:

*Scoopable litter (any kind)
* Pine pellet litter 40lbs bag (Tractor Supply)


*Scratching posts *Bedding *Cat beds *Ceramic or glass bowls *Fizzion cleaner tablets
*Anti icky-poo *Paper towels *Bleach *Thieves household cleaner (Young Living Oils) *Simple Green (Lowe's) * Flat sided bowls *Broom *Mop *Towels

Outdoor Enclosures

* Pressure treated 2x4x8; 2x4x10, 2x4x12, 4x4x8, 4x4x10, 4x4x12, 2x8x8
 *Pressure treated plywood *Sheathing *Cement *16P Galvanized nails *2" exterior screw *4"exterior screws *8" exterior lag screws *Cat doors *Exterior door latches *Foam silicone sealant *Caulking *2" roofing nails with rubber gaskets *Electric cordless drill
*Dewault 18v battery *Nice appealing carpet *Wire fencing *Double ended snaps
*Padlocks, pressure treated deck boards, large pvc pipe for tunnels or corrugated pipe
*Old but good mobile home stairs *Outdoor doors for enclosures *Chain link and chain link
hardware, mulch *Dog houses *Logs *Indoor and outdoor paint *Staple gun/staples
*Exacto knife * Chainsaw * Zip ties

We are currently starting a campaign for a perimetre fence.
Ideally, this would be the Purrfect fence, or chainlink materials.
 Donations would be the most helpful and with this we will engrave your name
on a section of fencing as a supporter of ACS!


Veterinary Care & Support

Donations towards lab fees, vaccinations, worming, exams, sick or emergency situations, advantage flea prevention (large blue dog size 55lbs+), Comfortis (small dog size), various antibiotic treatments. We have a centrifuge and a microscope to use for in-house testing as needed which is very welcomed and rewarding to be able to use my vet tech skills.

You can donate monetarily through paypal (michelle@avalocatsanctuary) with a

special note as to what cause or items you would like to support.

You can email if you would like to

drop anything off directly or have us pick up any donations.

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