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Avalo Cat Sanctuary   

To make the world a better place for Cats through
, Compassion and Companionship.


  To be the best guardians possible for domesticated hybrids and small
felines that have particular needs, require medical attention or
not stay with their human guardian for whatever reason.

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  We are an official, 501c3 non-profit Sanctuary!

We care and support our family of Cats and Rescues here at Avalo ourselves

Costs include a lot of feed, a LOT of litter, toys, cleaning supplies, re-modeling/housing
expenses, flea prevention, vaccinations, medications, vet visits and video supplies for
pictures & video to help
YOU get to know our Felines as well as our fabulous
Avalo Cat Sanctuary
Your donations are greatly appreciated and are now tax deductable!

If you have any unwanted or unneeded lumber or building material
we would happy to make use of and pick up supplies to use for constructing more
enclosures for the cats. Things such 2x4's, 4x4's, old steps, tin, sheathing, thick logs,
dog houses, doors, wire, paint, mulch, latches - it might be our treasure!
Since our 501c3 is in place we will be able to issue receipts of donation as well.

Click here to see our wish list!

Any donations monetarily or resource related are tremendously
appreciated - we and the cats thank-you :)

Contact: 843-819-8802
346 Rawls Mill Pond Rd, Wagener, SC, 29164

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