After more than 10 years managing a cat sanctuary, we’ve learned a thing or two about kitties. Let us share that knowledge with you.

Cats Make Great Teachers

Children can learn compassion and responsibility from Avalo’s care of injured and disabled animals. High school students will discover the nutritional needs of wild and domestic cats, as well as how biology influences the physical characteristics of hybrids. Adults can ask about the challenges of owning different types of small exotic felines.

Below are just a few of the educational opportunities provided by Avalo Cat Sanctuary:

How to care for cats who are missing a leg, suffering from seizures or have neurological conditions.

What’s unique about different types of hybrid cats, where to find them and if they make good pets.

How you can help homeless cats in your neighborhood, plus the challenges of running a cat sanctuary.

Avalo’s founder Michelle Donlick is an experienced veterinary technician, horse trainer and cat caregiver who can speak on topics pertaining to animal health, exotic breeds and pet ownership. Her talks can be customized for any audience and include a friendly feline companion.

To learn more or schedule a talk email Michelle at