We Know Who You Are

You can’t hide from us, if you’ve come to this page, you’re a cat lover! More than that, you’re a cat RESCUER! You’re a special breed of human, the kind who stops traffic to save a kitten — and then goes looking for the rest of the litter.

Or perhaps you have the heart of a rescuer, but circumstances prevent you from living your true destiny. We understand; not
everyone lives on a 16-acre farm. Fortunately, you can express your love of felines by volunteering to help Avalo Cat Sanctuary!

We have volunteer opportunities at the sanctuary, as well as actions you can take from your home, in your school or community. Check out the list below (or make a suggestion) and CONTACT US to volunteer.

Volunteer Cat Image

Domestic Cat Care

Pet and play with our domestic cats. Our fur babies are eager to have your attention, but be prepared, the amount of kitty love you experience can be overwhelming.

Volunteer - Building Repair

Building Repair

Several of our cat houses and hybrid enclosures are in need of repair and contractors are in short supply. Anyone who can volunteer their construction skills should contact us ASAP!

Volunteer - Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

We have a significant need for lawn mowing on our
large property, especially in the spring and summer.
We’ll supply the equipment. Volunteer must have
experience with large mowing machinery.

Volunteer - Photography & Media

Photography & Video

We always need photography and video for social
media, our educational blog, speaking engagements,
newsletter and national media outreach.

Volunteer - Cleaning

Cleaning House & Litter Boxes

Cats use litter boxes and we have a lot of them! We clean litter twice a day and mop once daily. We have the supplies but always need an extra hand.

Volunteer - Get the Word Out

Get the Word Out

Hand out promotional materials about Avalo at festivals and events in your city, or on your school campus. Join cat-focused groups online and post about Avalo. Spread the love for Avalo.

Volunteer - Transport

Transporting Cats to the Vet

We take our cats’ health very seriously, which means we have several cats going to different vets every week. We need experienced pet owners who can drive our cats to the local vet or pick them up after treatment.

Volunteer - Michelle as Speaker

Invite Michelle to Speak

Everyone who hears our founder speak about Avalo
enjoys her vast knowledge of cats and her passion for
their well-being. Michelle’s devotion inspires animal
lovers of all ages.

HELLO again our FOLLOWERS/DONATORS. It is MY birthday time of the year, and I am turning 54 (yikes)! Last year, the birthday fundraiser for Avalo Cat Sanctuary did very well. THANK YOU to all the donors who gave.

Since the Pandemic, things have changed drastically. AVALO IS IN DIRE NEED OF MONTHLY SUPPORT TO KEEP OUR DOORS OPEN! We have lost significant donations from our benefactors and are struggling to keep up. If our AVALO fans donate just $5/month or even as little as $2/month up to $50 or more, we would have enough income to sustain our minimum costs and possibly more! Every penny counts! A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who currently supports Avalo on a monthly basis. We so appreciate your support.

This year of the total monthly donations for September through November, 2022, 10% of all donations for the month will be divided each month in a draw. You could be a winner!

Donate monthly by using Paypal at donate.avalocatsanctuary.com

One-time donations can be made on our Facebook page and also on PayPal or Venmo (@michelle-altmeyer), Cashapp ($michelledonlick), and Zelle (ask for number). Checks can also be sent to Avalo Cat Sanctuary (Address is shown above).