Housing and Feeding Our Cats

Avalo is a large cat sanctuary caring for approximately 100 small exotic cats and hybrids, along with 250 domestic cats. This diversity of size and species requires a variety of housing structures and food supplies.

Many of our exotic and hybrid cats have lived at Avalo for several years, and their outdoor enclosures need expanding and rebuilding. Please consider a donation to keep our cats comfortable and safe.

Watch more videos about feeding exotics in About Us and the individual cat biographies.

Small Exotics and Hybrids

The size of an outdoor enclosure and fencing depends on the type of cat living within. Some of our exotics and early hybrids love to climb and can jump over eight feet high. Our Eurasian Lynx, Rune, has the largest enclosure with heavy gauge fencing, while our tiny Geoffroy’s Cat has a smaller space and lighter protective exterior. Larger cats like Servals live alone, while Bengals enjoy roommates. All cats have housing for shelter.

Like housing, the feeding of exotics and hybrids depends on the size of the cats. We follow their natural diets as closely as possible, whether it’s raw chicken, quail or rats. Chicken and quail are purchased from grocery stores or specialized vendors. Periodically, we custom blend a meal and use a supplement to match the nurtients of food caught in the wild. We raise rats at Avalo, but we never feed live animals to a cat.

Exotic and Hybrids at Avalo

  • Eurasian Lynx
  • Savannah Cats
  • Jungle Cats
  • Bengals
  • Servals
  • Geoffroy’s Cat
  • Safari Cat
  • Asian Leopards

    Domestic Cats

    Domestics live in various accommodations based on their needs. Some domestic cats live outside due to peeing or spraying issues; some ferals refuse to stay indoors. Many cats reside in large houses with screened porches. We have specially built enclosures for cats with feline leukemia to protect other cats from catching the disease. Very old, very young, sick or disabled cats live with Michelle in her home on the sanctuary.

    Feeding over 250 domestic cats is a challenge we love! Every few weeks, we make a three-hour drive to the Rescue Bank, an organization in Tillman, SC that provides nonprofits with donated food. It’s a long journey, but we come back with a trailer full of supplies. When the Rescue Bank runs short of canned food, our devoted supporters step in to buy and ship our kitties’ food from Amazon, Chewy and other retailers.

    Domestic Cats at Avalo

    • Mixed breeds
    • Highland Curl
    • Lykoi
    • Sphinx
    • Siamese
    • Maine Coon
    • Persian
    • Snowshoe

      Support Our Cats

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      Volunteer to feed domestic cats, clean litter boxes, fix enclosures, transport cats to the vet or help with lawn maintenance.
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      Purchase, ship or deliver canned food, toys, bedding or other items from our Wish List on our site, Amazon or Chewy.
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      Donate to help us purchase food, update enclosures, pay vet bills, buy gas for travel and maintain our property.